Teaching is based on the Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculums with many enhancements. Although Year 1 and 2 classes are primarily still based in the Early Year’s building, there is much opportunity for class participation with the older Junior groups. Enriched education starts early: alongside rigorous attention to academia are swimming lessons in the school pool.

 At Key Stage 1, alongside daily literacy and numeracy there are weekly lessons in 12 other subjects; extra-curricular clubs are also very popular. From Year 1, specialist teaching expands to Games and French.

Formal French lessons begin in Year 3 and specialist teaching extends to Music, Computing, Art, and PE. Towards the end of Juniors, Science and DT specialists join the team. These gradual additions of specialist teaching and the phased joining of Senior classes for various activities together create a seamless transition for Juniors into the next stage of their academic lives.

Throughout Juniors the more able children are stretched, and targeted support is given to any pupils who have difficulty. Our results show excellent ‘value added’ progress across all ability levels, with pupils most often achieving well beyond early predictions.

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