Life as a Junior – The Kingsmead Difference

Inclusion is fundamental to life at Kingsmead. Every child – not just the sportiest – is given the chance to play for a school team. There are weekly matches against Northwest independent schools in football, hockey, rugby, netball, cricket, rounders, athletics, cross-country and golf, plus swimming galas at school. Visiting coaches lead sessions in more unusual sports such as archery.

From Year 2 pupils are entered for the English Speaking Board examination – progressing from learning a poem to making a simple presentation. This Kingsmead tradition is the foundation for children to confidently participate at assemblies and in school productions.

Lunchtime clubs include 11+ club, creative crafts and fitness activities. After school are homework, swimming, mindfulness, forest club (in summer), art and craft (winter), drama, Wii, chess, horrible histories and much more. Peripatetic music lessons give pupils opportunities to perform in school and for parents; there is also an accomplished woodwind ensemble.

The Learning and Development unit, with its specialised provision and 1-1 tuition, ensures any pupil with a difficulty can achieve their true potential.

Pupils’ views are regularly sought and respected, with School and Food Councils meeting every half term involving Years 3 – 6.

Day trips illuminate topics while the residential trip in summer (Years 3 – Year 6) concentrates on team building and growing independence, with pupils tackling new skills and challenging activities together. Year 6 also has the option to travel further afield, joining the Seniors’ winter ski trip.

Assembly is important, a time of reflection when pupils come together as a department and explore themes such as caring for our world, mutual respect and trust.

In keeping with the ‘family’ ethos at Kingsmead, there is much crossover between Junior and Senior departments and many opportunities for challenge and enrichment.

As the months and years unfold, once again the subtle changes in pace and programme ease Juniors’ progression towards their Senior years. At this stage, our pass rate for the 11+ examination is over 80%, which has been consistently the case since 2012.

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